About Us

Welcome To PanzyPips

Trading the financial markets can be a whole lot of fun. It can be exciting, it can be thrilling, and it can be profitable. But all of these can only be possible when and where you are understand the forex markets and how it works.

Here at Panzypips, our ultimate goal is to provide you with the right education, the right tool set, and a comprehensive msivr package of all the ingredients you will need on your way to becoming a successful Forex Trader.

With our team of experienced veteran traders, we have what it takes to transform you Forex story from a struggling or a losing trader, to that Master Trader you have always dreamt of becoming.

Are you ready to begin your down down the paths to financial success?

Join the Panzypips roller-coaster and enjoy the ride with interesting but fun twists and turns.

To your trading success... FX Kalapanzy


Progressive Programs

Because we understand that to be a successful forex trader, you need to keep learning, we have taken it upon ourselve to provide you with a constant source of new knowledge and information that will help you stay up to date and up to speed with activities on the forex markets

Online Courses

Panzypips is built on remote learning technology, so you can take our education and courses with you, wherever you go. Whether in a classroom, or on a flight, or in a commuter bus, or in your office, or even from you couch while you sip coffee, your learing never stops!

International Students

Here at panzypips, we can boast of a wide network of students from several countries across the globe. Because we give you best value for your money, we rest assured you will get good quality for price on each of our education and training modules.

Our Vision

To create a community of Master Forex Traders who perfectly understand the forex markets, and turn out to be profitable and successful

Our mission

To equip the average Forex trader with the right education and requisite tool set, through our array of courses and products, that will help him understand market movements and how to take advantage to them, thus discovering his true potential of excellence